The members of the youth initiative group summarized the work on the project in the eco-club.

The project participants made the following assessment: a new challenge is always useful and informative; teamwork gives a good result - I was convinced of this when working on a project; non-formal education is one of the useful tools for introducing new initiatives; I am ready for new challenges.

Women Initiative Group of the village Pakhulani has successfully completed the advocacy process that began last month. A letter was prepared to the Mayor, signatures were collected, and a majoritarian candidate joined. As a result, the problem was solved - garbage bins were placed in the village. Fund "Sukhumi" thanks Tsalenjikha City Hall for cooperation and support.


The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

The women initiative group of the village Pakhulani (Tsalenjikha municipality) is working on solution of the problems identified in the community. Absence of garbage bins, which creates a difficult situation, was observed. The group prepared a letter addressed to the Mayor, collected signatures of the residents and started advocating.

Within the framework of the sub-grant of the Fund "Sukhumi", the initiative group of the village Lia, is implementing a project "Youth for a Healthy Ecological Environment". An eco-club was created in school. The children began to work on the activities envisaged by the project.

The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

Online round table was attended by local entities of Tsalenjikha municipality: members of the City Council Gender Equality Council, representatives of local self-government and police, kindergartens and schools, an educational resource center, and medical staff. There was a presentation of the research conducted by the Fund "Sukhumi" on monitoring of services for violence victims. The conversation touched upon important issues: statistics of arresting orders in the area of the municipality, identification of problems, the situation in terms of assistance to the victim...

The quantitative results of the research were discussed by the members of Pakhulani Women Initiative Group (Tsalenjikha municipality). One of the most important recommendations is to pay special attention to the initiatives of women living near the conflict dividing line.

The work of the initiative group in the village Lia (Tsalenjikha municipality) was interesting. The topic of the meeting was leadership and civic activism. The participants expressed their opinions: the leader constantly works on himself; leadership is a responsible challenge for each of us; the leader is a person who motivates the team.

The initiative group already has the leaders.


The mobilizers of the Women Support Centers held information meetings in Senaki, Samtredia, Tsalenjikha, Chokhatauri and Tkibuli municipalities.

Women – meeting participants in different communities listened to information about victim assistance services, as well as about legal mechanisms, responsible for cases of violence. During the meetings, it is often necessary to record stories that require a response. Based on specific cases, a psychologist and a lawyer of the Fund "Sukhumi" are involved in the response process.

“Tolerance and conflict” - this topic was discussed in the village Lia (Tsalenjikha municipality) with the youth initiative group.

At the end of the meeting, the general mood of the participants was as follows: you should treat people the way you want them to treat you - these are the words of great importance. We must respect each other. We can create a tolerant society ...

The second meeting was held with the women initiative group of the village Pakhulani (Tsalenjikha municipality). An assessment of the technical side of the women’s needs research was made. The group members, who participated in the research talked about the process of implementation, about the obstacles and what contributed to the work.

The meeting participants also touched upon the plans. It was noted that the work of the groups is quite effective.

The Fund "Sukhumi" has 10 Women Support Centers in Terjola, Vani, Tkibuli, Bagdati, Chokhatauri, Samtredia, Kobuleti, Zugdidi, Senaki, Tsalenjikha municipalities. A two-day workshop was held for the updated staff of mobilizers. All discussed topics were necessary and relevant: selecting target groups, working with the audience, identifying problems, filling in a victim questionnaire and responding to it, conducting advocacy campaign, legal mechanisms for victim support, working with local governments, municipal programs and state services for violence prevention and victim assistance, informing, self-presentation, facilitation and moderation.

“The work of the mobilizer seemed difficult to me, but now I already know how to go step by step. The workshop showed me the sequence of the process”, mentioned one of the mobilizers at the end of the workshop.

Meeting of the Women Initiative Group was held in the village Pakhulani (Tsalenjikha municipality). The meeting discussed the tools of the Gender Responsive Early Warning System, the main stages of its implementation, as well as the components of human security. Emphasis was placed on studying the needs of women and participants were selected to conduct the research (focus groups, in-depth interviews and questionnaires).

On the same day, a similar meeting with a youth initiative group was held in school # 2 of the village Lia (Tsalenjikha municipality). The children also wrote essays on the topic of Abkhazia and sent messages to Abkhazian peers. Three members of this group shared the knowledge gained at the common training of the initiative groups with friends.

“Strengthening the Women’s Rights in Western Georgia” - Fund “Sukhumi” has started a new stage of this project… with changes, new directions.

The project area - four regions of Western Georgia: Imereti, Samegrelo, Guria and Ajara. The work will be carried out in the following 10 municipalities: Vani, Bagdati, Samtredia, Tkibuli, Terjola, Senaki, Tsalenjikha, Zugdidi, Chokhatauri, Kobuleti.

One of the innovations is that, for the first time, within the framework of the project, Women Support Centers are being created in Vani, Bagdati, Samtredia, Tkibuli and Chokhatauri.

The Fund "Sukhumi" has its own representatives who will work locally to strengthen women and protect their rights, they will try to advocate and solve problems through a gender-responsive system. The aim of the project is prevention of domestic violence in cooperation and coordination with local governments.