• Kutaisi Women Initiative Group advocates the problem

    Members of Kutaisi Women Initiative Group have been working during a month on advocating the problem with the aim to resolve conflict situation. Local self-government is actively involved in this process. An analysis of the situation showed that in case of a positive solution of a problem, the risk of confrontation between the parties will be reduced to a minimum. The project is implemented with the support of Kvinna till Kvinna, women ’ s Foundation ( Sweden )

  • The work of Women Initiative group in the villages

    The members of Women Initiative Group gathered in the village Khurcha. They worked on the identification of problems. - Unsolved social problems, the population without transport, absence of a medical center are the reasons that create conflict situations in Khurcha community (Khurcha, Koki). The participants of the meeting worked on the analysis of the problem: what causes the conflict situation, how much is it possible to solve it. Members of the group paid attention to local...

  • Final meetings of the youth clubs in Khoni, Poti, Kutaisi

    Final meetings were held in Khoni, Poti, Kutaisi Youth Clubs. It was a free choice of topics and young people worked during five months. They presented interesting presentations on violence, tolerance and a healthy lifestyle. Group work and discussions were held. The participants actively discussed the reasons of violence among young people, the role of the family in a life of a teenager, stereotypes and indifference of society regarding the problem of violence. Feedback from two participants...

  • Terjola, Senaki, Ganmukhuri – summarizing meetings of the youth clubs

    54 young people gathered at the final meetings in the Youth clubs of Terjola, Senaki, Ganmukhuri (Zugdidi municipality). During the five-month work, specific topics were discussed: forms and types of gender violence, healthy lifestyle for the prevention of violence, tolerance, violence among adolescents. These were the topics for presentations chosen by the leaders. Active discussions took place. Young people showed their knowledge, awareness and experience - this is the result of the...

  • Summarizing workshops with young people in Senaki, Terjola and Zugdidi

    Final workshops were held in Senaki, Terjola and Zugdidi with youth groups. The meetings were also attended by teachers. During five months, discussions were held with these groups on topics of conflict management, conflict analysis, negotiation, communication, internal conflicts, gender equality. The meeting participants summarized their knowledge and experience through presentations, interactive inclusion and discussions. According to their assessment, non-formal education is very...

  • Meetings with the boys in Terjola, Tskaltubo, Poti, Ozurgeti, Lanchkhuti

    New six-month cycle of the meetings with the boys started. New groups were formed in the municipalities of Terjola, Tskaltubo, Poti, Ozurgeti, Lanchkhuti. The group joined active and motivated young people. During the first meetings they discussed the forms of violence. The boys analyze actuality of problem and they have opinion how to decrease the level of violence. The main thing is that the meeting participant have desire to receive new information and to be involved in violence...

  • Two meetings with the medical staff

    Representatives of the Fund "Sukhumi" met the deputy directors of the Clinic named after Leri Khonelidze and the clinic “Bomondi” and familiarized them with the project "Strengthening medical staff to protect victims of domestic violence." These clinics are going to be actively involved in the training program of the Fund “Sukhumi” in order to inform the medical staff on the issues of prevention of domestic violence, identification of violence victims and their assistance. The project is...

  • Assistance to a family of violence victim in Khoni

    Khoni Women Support Center and “Caritas Georgia” held a charity campaign in Khoni in support of a socially unprotected family, which is also a victim of violence. Clothes an shoes were collected. A victim of violence was offered to use free services of the Fund "Sukhumi" - legal advice and psycho-rehabilitation. The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklunsdienst (Germany)

  • Nigvziani, Gumbrini, Dvabzu – new phase of cooperation with schools

    - I worked with an NGO. I like your format and I want my students to listen to you too. - Informal education is necessary for young people. We are ready to cooperate in this direction. These words were the beginning of cooperation of the Fund "Sukhumi" with the directors of the schools of Nigvziani (Lanchkhut Municipality), Gumbrini (Tskaltubo Municipality), Dvabzu (Ozurgeti Municipality). According the new strategy, the students will pass a five-month course on conflict management in...

  • Meetings with the aim of conflict prevention in Tskaltubo, Kutaisi, khurcha

    Members of the Women Initiative Group regularly hold information meetings in different communities of Tskaltubo, Kutaisi and Khurcha (Zugdidi Municipality). During meetings with the population, the main problems that create conflict situations at different levels are identified. Solving the conflict at an early stage means meeting with representatives of various structures of local self-government, with inclusion of majoritarian candidate and lobbying the issue - members of the Women...

  • Working with married couples in Poti, Khoni and Tskaltubo

    - It difficult, but we try our best to take into account the advices we get. Then our relationship changes, we move to another stage and keep stability", said one of the couples. During a month, work was carried out with three married couples in Poti, Khoni and Tskaltubo Women Support Centers. One new couple is among them. Proceeding from the situation, the complex work will continue with the inclusion of a psychologist, a lawyer and a conflictologist. The project is implemented with the...

  • Statistics of psychotherapeutic meetings

    Statistics is following: 10 married couples met the psychologist in the Women Support Centers of Kutaisi, Khurcha / Koki, Khoni, Senaki, Poti, Tskaltubo. 9 individual consultations were held in these centers. 3 psychological portraits were made. 33 people participated in the meetings - 22 women and 11 men. This is the picture of the work of Fund "Sukhumi" psychologist in September. The problems were different: depression and fear, difficulties in communication with adolescents......

  • Meetings in frames of Poti Women Support Center project

    In September, all planned activities were completed in frames of the small project of Poti Women Support Center: "Harmonious Environment for Children ". Information meetings were held with the head, teachers and parents of pupils of kindergarten №3, as well as in the association of preschool education, with the head of the social service and health services. The main goal of the meetings is to get acquainted with the plans for the next month - more specifically, meetings with teachers,...

  • Creation of Youth clubs in Gvishtibi, Khajalia, Anaseuli

    "I need to participate in meetings of the club, because I become free of complexes and more active," these are words of one of the participants of the information meeting of the Youth Club. In September, 9 meetings were held in the club on: "Gender Violence, Types, Forms, Reasons, Protection Mechanisms for Violence Prevention". The last three meetings were held in Gvishtibi (Tskaltubo Municipality), Khajalia (Lanchkhuti Municipality) and Anaseuli (Ozurgeti Municipality). Youth clubs were...

  • New groups of the boys in Senaki, Zugdidi, Kutaisi and Khoni

    In parallel with the beginning of the new academic year, a new six-month period of work with the boys began. The first meetings took place in the municipalities of Senaki, Zugdidi, Kutaisi and Khoni. One part of the meetings was informational, and concrete period of time was also devoted to the discussion of violence. The boys recognize that the issue is problematic. They have their own opinions, which are openly recorded. The first month was better than it was foreseen. The new group joined...

  • The topic of peace - at information meetings

    The mobilizers of the Women Support Centers held 27 informational meetings. The main topic of the meetings is the International Day of Peace and issues related to peace. The meetings took place in the cities and villages of nine municipalities (Kutaisi, Tskaltubo, Khoni, Terjola, Senaki, Poti, Zugdidi, Ozurgeti, Lanchkhuti). The participants talked about the importance of peace, about the contribution of each person in peacekeeping. Meetings in IDP collective centers and in villages located...

  • September: monitoring of domestic violence / against women

    The mobilizers of the Women Support Centers of Kutaisi, Tskaltubo, Senaki, Poti, Lanchkhuti, Ozurgeti, Khurcha / Koki (Zugdidi Municipality) identified 11 cases of violence at September information meetings and filled in the questionnaires. The questionnaires reflect the cases of violence from side of family members against children and women. 4 victims have already addressed a psychologist, and three of them have received a legal advice. The project is implemented with the support of the...

  • Work of the lawyers with married couples, informational and consultative meetings

    During the meetings with the lawyers of the Fund "Sukhumi" the participants talked about those items of the law, created for the elimination of domestic violence, that reflect their problems. Two individual consultations were held in Kutaisi. Lawyers’ assistance was also needed in Khoni, Senaki, Poti and Ozurgeti. Among them there were married couples who jointly try to find the way out of their problems. On September 18, the lawyer held a group informational and consultative meeting in...

  • Active phase of the project of Khoni Women Support Center

    A small project of Khoni Women Support Center "Youth against violence" entered the active phase. In September, information meetings were held with the head of the legal department of Sakrebulo and the senior specialist of the organizational department (a brief presentation of the project and their support in specific organizational matters). In frames of one of the projects of the Fund "Sukhumi", the following films on actual issues were shown in the open – air: "Narrow Corridor", "One...

  • Performance "Turnip"

    During last few months in the repertoire of the shadow theater of the Fund "Sukhumi" there appeared the play "Turnip". "Turnip", as the first play "Pirimze" is about kindness, friendship, equality, empathy. Children really like them both. In September, the "Turnip" was shown twice in the office of the Fund “Sukhumi”. Invited children were very entertained - they liked the new and unusual atmosphere, music, good ending. After the presentation, the actors talked with the children about the...


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