Lizi Tkabladze - member of Khoni youth initiative group

This is her success story...

"Within the framework of this project, I got acquainted with the issues that are interesting to me and gained new skills that will be used in other events and activities in the future.

Filling out a project proposal and drawing up a budget was a new experience for me.

Among the activities carried out within the project, I would highlight wall painting, which was very interesting and fun for the participants. Children were given the opportunity to express their creativity and we received the desired result...

By participating in this project, I became more independent and self-confident. I think that similar events contribute to the development and growth of young people in many directions".

The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

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Three psychologists work with Ukrainian refugees in the Women Fund "Sukhumi" now.

Manana Gotsiridze, who has a lot of work in 10 Women Support Centers and a rehabilitation center, also cares about psycho-emotional condition of Ukrainians.

The second psychologist, Marina Stepanenko, is from Kyiv. And now there is also a third psychologist, Anna Shalimova from Kherson.

From the side of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" it is a good gesture to employ women in a foreign city so that they have an income and help their fellow countrymen.

There is enough work for everyone: there are 197 people in our information base and everyone needs help, competent advice from a psychologist...

Manana Gotsiridze: I met with families who came from Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov and Kherson. You name these cities and it’s clear what they suffered, what they feel ... We conduct primary psychological consultation, collect anamnesis and plan the next meetings. When we go to them, we also bring the necessary products. I think this is also good support.

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Monologue of Fatima Robakidze

Fatima Robakidze is a mobilizer of Tkibuli Women Support Center.

The center was opened in April of last year and is one of ten ones that are actively working in 10 municipalities within the framework of the project “Strengthening of Women's Rights in Western Georgia”.

In this story, we present a monologue of the mobilizer of Tkibuli Women's Support Center.

This is how Fatima Robakidze turned from an ordinary teacher into a civil activist.

“I am a teacher and believed that I should have the only focus - the educational process and the organization of the educational environment in my class together with the parents of my students. I thought I shouldn't waste time on other issues. The first window opened for me when I was asked to teach a lesson in civic education for a certain period of time.

In the same period, I got acquainted with the work of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" and began to understand that everything that I consider sacred - creation of a favorable climate for children to study and educate, depends on many factors.

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They will create a different, much better society...






Nuri and others...

They are 20... Different and individual… They have their own positions, attitude, arguments on any issue.

They are members of Tskaltubo youth group.

The topic of women's support and gender equality was chosen not by chance for the project. This topic is often discussed. They have great ambitions and believe that tomorrow's society will be much better, where equality and harmony will be balanced by equal opportunities.

"For me, equality means the order in society. Both men and women should be equally involved in this process. Both should follow the same path to achieve the goal" - this is Anastasia. She is an active member of the group. Within the project, she created a video about a topic of equality and provided the community with what young people had to say.

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In May-June 2022, the youth initiative group of our school together with the Women Fund  "Sukhumi" implemented the project "Clean environment and healthy lifestyle is my choice".

Many good things were done in the school within the framework of the project. The most important thing is that the students became much more motivated and self-confident.

Within the framework of the project, meetings with population were organized, the river bank and the center of the village were cleaned, it should be noted that the village attorney also participated in the cleaning action. The students also organized a wonderful meeting with kindergarten teachers on the importance of healthy food, planted evergreen trees and think about the sustainability of the project in the future so that the process continues and there is a beautiful green corner in the school yard.

At the end of the project, a sports event was held with the participation of all schoolchildren. It can be said that the project had a very positive effect on students' personal formation, motivation, and development of various skills. The school management and the teachers are ready to support the students in the activities to be carried out in terms of project sustainability in the future and jointly  change the environment for the better.

The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

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The Fund “Sukhumi” has been cooperating with the public school of the village Koki for a long time. For the given moment, with the support of the USAID and the Fund "Sukhumi", young people implemented a small project "Remember Abkhazia", ​​within the framework of the mentioned project, they have implemented many interesting activities.

It was said much about the benefits this project has brought to the beneficiaries and now we would like to share the emotions of the participants directly...

" It was a new experience for several young people involved in this project.

In general, I have never been active, but after taking this step, everything has changed for the better, I often participate in various types of events and I am very happy to be involved in the implementation of this project.

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Success story - Nanuli Tskhvediani

It can be said that during almost 40 years of journalistic and pedagogical activity, I continuously worked on myself, I read a lot, I studied, I systematically improved my writing culture, I enriched my vocabulary, I worked on the forms of depiction and genre specificity, I followed the development of media and new technologies. It can be said, that I have never demanded to implement the obligations to anyone as strictly as to myself. A journalist, in addition to professional knowledge, is responsible for the protection of ethical standards and constant support of public interests.

My path in the urban and regional press is as follows: at different times I was a correspondent and literary worker of "Kutaisi" newspaper, editor of "Imereti Moambe" department, deputy editor of "Akhali Kutaisi", editor of "P.S.", editor of thematic magazines-newspapers. At the same time, I worked with the youth: in addition to that, I raised generations of young journalists, I was the head of the circle of young journalists of the Student - Youth Palace, I gave lectures at the state and private higher education institutions. Among my students, there are many well-known journalists, editors, or are successfully working in the scientific, creative, pedagogical, public area, in non-governmental organizations, up to 15 of them are the professors, two of them are laureates of "Saba" award for literary achievements, many of them are engaged in successful scientific-creative activities abroad.

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“Injicio” is a Latin word and means some kind of challenge. Initiation is a chemical process when a chain reaction begins with external influence.

In order not to confuse you, this is a manifestation of the initiative.

We talk about young people and this is our intention - active young people take initiatives.

The Women Fund “Sukhumi” operates in 10 municipalities (Samtredia, Terjola, Bagdati, Vani, Tkibuli, Senaki, Zugdidi, Tsalenjikha, Chokhatauri, Kobuleti). Previously, youth clubs were formed in separate schools in the city / village, meetings were held. Now municipalities are creating Youth Empowerment Centers, which bring together representatives of different schools.

During the 6-month training course, participants get acquainted with various topics, with the technique of conducting meetings. And from the first month they begin to conduct activities in their schools. After completing the full course, the most active ones are given the title of trainer.

It is difficult to single out any school, the initiated events are held everywhere. Children practically implement what they have learned, and they really like it.

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Marina Stepanenko was going to visit Kutaisi this spring. A friend invited and she wanted to see this city for a long time.

She appeared there earlier than expected. Because of the war in Ukraine. On March 8, together with the children, she flew in from Poland.

Her Facebook post:

"Georgia. Warm, kind, comfortable. At the exit from the airport, the contacts of those arriving from Ukraine are recorded, accommodation options and a free lunch is offered. They provide a phone number for emergency calls. We came here with children. We arrived from Krakow.

Representatives of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" came to visit her during the first days of her arrival. They shared her worry about her family, husband and parents, who remained in Kyiv. They brought food, toys, clothes. Then they found out that she was a psychologist and realized that she could help the women from Ukraine best of all.

Marina notes:

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