Medical staff and violence – research of the Fund “Sukhumi”

1The Fund “Sukhumi” prepared the research” “The role and involvement of representatives of medical institutions in the process of identifying, responding and referring violence against women and domestic violence”. It shows the attitude of the medical staff towards violence against women / domestic violence, their vision of the ways out and the recommendations developed as a result of the research.


The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot

 für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklunsdienst (Germany)

Multicomponent research

The first stage of the multicomponent research conducted within the framework of the project “Learning from Visegrad 4 Experience to Advocate for Equal, Inclusive and Democratic Local Governance” has been completed. Four experts from Georgia were involved in the research (the project is aimed at advocating for equal, inclusive and democratic local governance based on the best practices of the Europe countries).

Experts have submitted drafts of their themes. These are four independent themes relating different aspects of gender policy. After the completion of the research, there will be developed a policy strategy focused on the implementation of local governance reform and gender mainstreaming, which will be published and offered to society.

The project is implemented with the support of the Visegrad Fund 

Gender Analysis of Local Budget

The aim of gender aspect analysis of the municipal budget, is the definition and presentation of the existing social problems and how social justice and gender equality are satisfied at the local level, how is ensured the availability of existing resources for all groups of society.

In the presented reports there is given the investigation / analysis of the municipal budget and local gender policies of Kutaisi, Senaki and Ozurgeti municipalities, envisaging gender parameters. 

The project is implemented with the support
 of the UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality

Assessment of needs in the groups of Khoni IDPs

 In September 2016Khoni WSC of the fund “Sukhumi” conducted a research in the IDP communities, which revealed social needs of the IDPs residing there. The list of the issues is following: opening ambulance in the settlement, adding the group of nursery kids in the kindergartens, communal subsidies, co-financing of medicines, opening of day centers for disables children, establishing the programs of social assistance for the elderly and etc.

The research was a share of the organization in elaboration of Khoni social inclusion strategy.

(Czech non-commercial organization PIN “People in need” - the project -«Involvement of NGOs working on issues of social protection, in the strategic dialogue in Georgia" - funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic).

The project is implemented with the support of the Czech organization PIN 

Research of gender needs in municipalities of Kutaisi, Senaki, Ozurgeti

In April-May 2016 together with Gender Advisory Councils of Kutaisi, Senaki and Ozurgeti, fund “Sukhumi” conducted a research of gender needs of local civil groups. The research revealed vivid needs of IDPs, socially unprotected people, single mothers and mothers of many children, women entrepreneurs, youth and representatives of ethnical minorities.

Suggestions, elaborated as a result of work with target groups by the specialists of the field and the experts, will be envisaged by the GACs, in order to submit package of recommendations to the local government. Experience of the previous years shows, that this process will promote to formation of local budget with gender parameters.

Kutaisi     Ozurgeti     Senaki

The project is implemented with the support
 of the UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality