The ordinary information meeting was held with the members of the women initiative group of the village Pakhulani of Tsalenjikha Municipality and the villages DidiNedzi and Koki of Zugdidi Municipality.

The meetings were dedicated to the evaluation of the technical side of the research of the project "Barriers and Opportunities for Women's Participation in Socio-Political Life and Economic Activities".

Participants talked about how they planned the research process, what hindering and contributing factors they observed in the work process. Each speaker spoke using their own examples.

They shared the difficulties of working with groups.

They talked about how they were able to record the interview, talking face to face with the respondents.

Participants received advice on the basic principles of facilitation.

The future plans were also discussed with the group members.


The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

From July 10 to July 20 - Khurcha, Koki, Shamgona, Ingiri (Zugdidi Municipality) - these villages were covered by meetings for the introduction of the Voters’ Advice Application, which were held by members of the Fund “Sukhumi” Women Initiative Group.

The meetings were attended by citizens of different age categories in small groups. They expressed interest towards the novation envisaged by the project, established active feedback and highlighted the issues that are interesting for political parties. Migration was named as one of the most acute problems.

A member of the Women Peace Coalition – organization “Imedi”, held four meetings in Zugdidi Municipality - mainly in compact settlements for IDPs to inform the voters. The meetings covered the villages of Zugdidi Municipality: Kakhati, Anaklia, Ingiri. The moderators talked about the positive results of using the online application, introduced the instructions for the use of applications and familiarized with the questionnaire developed by the Fund "Sukhumi".

Citizens were interested in the information on the online vote-o-meter. They also presented issues that can be addressed by the municipality. Contact persons have been identified who will meet with citizens again after the launch of the platform.

Ordinary working meeting in Bagdati was devoted to the results of the research conducted by the CSO member organization "Equality Now" and also to the recommendations that will be prepared during the analysis of the research.

The research reflected the womens needs and its recommendations should be reflected in the Gender Equality Action Plan.

The head of the partner CSO “Civic Spectrum-Equality”, presented a working version of the anti-corruption regulation. Bagdati working group is considered a lobbyist in the process of approving the regulation.

Meetings were held with women and youth initiative groups in Tskaltubo Municipality.

The Women Initiative Group worked on an advocacy plan. A specific problem was identified as a result of the research. An advocacy campaign with specific activities has already been planned, in collaboration with the local government and the Gender Equality Council.

Youth initiative groups are working on the project. Participants already know how to build a project. They worked on the name of the project, developed a slogan, discussed the refinement of goals and objectives.

Tskaltubo initiative groups will present two projects at the sub-grant competition, each project will announce the directions announced by the competition.

Meetings of the mixed-type were held with youth groups in June. 5 trainings were held in the first half of the month, the other five - in the second half.

An offline meeting was held in Samtredia - the participants were actively involved in the discussion, role - games.

There was no possibility of such activity, but online trainings with youth groups formed in Senaki, Vani, Terjola and Chokhatauri.

The trainings were interesting for the youth audience. The following topics were discussed: conflict management, reasons of domestic violence and protection mechanisms, types and forms of bullying.

There was a good trend in the groups: participants spoke by their own examples, analyzed situations and made the right conclusions.

The preparation phase of the new component of the project, which envisages the introduction of the online platform "Voter Advice Application" (VAA) to Zugdidi voters, has been completed. The project team will clarify the final details of future activities during the consultations.

A questionnaire, which should be placed on the platform was prepared and agreed with the consultant. The location of the meetings, the target groups was defined, the specifics of the meetings during pandemic restrictions are envisaged.

The Fund “Sukhumi” has gained good experience in introducing similar platform during the parliamentary elections, which will help us in the implementation of the project.

A totally 50 meetings will be held within the framework of the project. The first meetings are scheduled for the end of June. Consultations with political parties will soon begin in order to familiarize them with the platform.

Psycho-legal mechanisms for the response to violence cases, victim assistance services - informational meetings on these issues were held in Terjola, Samtredia, Kobuleti, Zugdidi and Senaki municipalities.

During the meetings with the representatives of different communities, the Fund "Sukhumi" also identifies the cases of violence. The response mechanisms are different: a consultation of psychologist and a lawyer is used. Authoritative parsons are involved in solution of conflict situation. These tools increase efficiency.

Information about the new website "Digital Resource Center of the Services for Violence Victims" was spread during the meetings. This page provides full information on victim support services.

Participants note that informing the population is important and will help prevent violence.

 During the meeting of of Zugdidi Women Initiative Group, the technical side of the  women's needs research was assessed. Participants talked about how they planned the process of conducting the research, what happened, what problems they faced and what were the obstacles and the contributing factors during the work.

Each speaker spoke with specific examples: about the difficulties of work, about conducting an interview, a dialogue with a respondent. The group members received advice on the basic principles of facilitation and discussed future plans.

The meetings were held in the Women Initiative Groups of Koki / Khurcha and Zugdidi. An online training was held for the third group of Zugdidi municipality - the youth initiative group of Koki - on the topic “Prehistory of Georgian-Abkhazian conflict, its subsequent development and consequences”.

The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

On May 14, another final conference was held online with participation of representatives of local self-government.

The project participants shared the experience gained in the process of implementing the “Voter’s Advice Application” and talked about the introduction and use of a similar platform during future elections.

The guests were actively involved in the discussion and expressed their opinions regarding the importance of the application in terms of informing the population and increasing political trust, as well as the need for its introduction during the elections of local self-government and prospects for the future. They also stressed the importance of cooperating with local media.